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We are the company hiring professional freelance writers.

We decided that it is high time to create a new platform with many available orders you can get.

Become a part of our Team of writers and help our clients with essays, reports, case studies, literature reviews and other types of papers!

We've got a simple math here: our customers get high-quality papers – you get a good deal of money.

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If you're a talented freelance writer looking for a writing job, academic writing projects in particular, then we're looking for you!

VIP-Writers.com is a high-caliber writing platform for freelance writers able and willing to create top-quality academic content. Whether you're a veteran freelancer or a fresh writer in the game, we'll always find a job suitable for your skills. The high volume of work we receive gives you a great choice of assignments to complete in different areas of expertise, with projects ranging from analytical essays to case studies and book reviews. Our clients are looking for high-quality writing that will help them stay competitive within a dynamic, competitive environment. With constant demand for superior academic writing in different fields, we're looking for qualified and skilled freelance writers that can consistently deliver professional papers.

The VIP-Writers.Com Philosophy

VIP-Writers.com was founded by passionate academic writers with extensive experience in the world of freelance writing. We wanted to form an engaging, user-friendly platform to enable connections between talented writers and those in need of solid academic writing. With our deep understanding of what our clients want, we're dedicated to providing high-quality content that is delivered on time – every time! We're also excited about creating a platform for profitable, sustainable online writing jobs for our freelancers. We pay a competitive rate up to $15 per page and adhere to flexible schedules to ensure that our writers focus on each job we assign and deliver the top-notch writing that our clients expect.

How to Join the VIP-Writers.Com Team

With our dedication to producing superior academic writing, we're very careful about the freelancers we hire. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned expert or a beginner, as long as you stick to the standards we set for our freelancers. Whether you're working on a complex technical writing job, creating a case study report, or any other academic writing projects we regularly offer, we expect you to follow our professional and ethical principles. As a writer at VIP-Writers.com, you will also be required to demonstrate excellent grammar and orthography in every piece you write. Furthermore, we do not tolerate plagiarism in any form.

In order to ensure that we're the right fit for one another, VIP-Writers.com prefers to screen each applicant before making a formal hire. We want to feel confident in your abilities before we can vouch for those abilities, so you will have to pass our registration procedure. To further ensure the high quality of our products and better serve our clients, we prefer writers who can demonstrate proficiency in at least three subject areas. With these measures in place, we know that we will receive the top-rate writing that we promise to our clients, and your reputation as a great writer will remain intact.

If you share our principles, support our ethics, and are willing and able to produce the high-quality writing that we're looking for, then we encourage you to apply for a VIP-Writer position right now.


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