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You will be surprised finding out how many students absolutely do not have the desire or the opportunity to study. On the other hand, they have money and are ready to give it to someone who will cope with the tasks prescribed by the syllabus. Supply always appears after the demand. Consequently, for quite a long time now, freelance essay writing jobs are not only a good part-time option but also a permanent source of high incomes for many people.

Everyone has the right to be successful

Are you a teacher? Have you been working in a school or university for over 5-10 years? And what is your salary level? Don’t you want to answer this question? This is understandable. The position of a teacher is very honorable, but unfortunately, it is quite unusual for the workers of educational sphere to get high wages. Maybe authorities think that it’s more productive to work with a half-starved stomach and scholars can make more discoveries when they are not distracted by mundane joys.

It is so "nice" to see that students or pupils are dressed in fashionable clothes while you shyly hide your feet in old shoes under the table and calm yourself thinking that not everyone is lucky enough to be smart and rich at the same time. You have talent, knowledge, desire and ability to work, but for some reason the financial well-being leaves much to be desired.

Do you think that this is your karma - to be a true intellectual in the full meaning of the word but to deny yourself everything, to dream of buying a new TV or sofa for several months? It's not true. All the people in this world deserve to be happy, because life gave them a unique chance (you were born instead of someone else from a million contenders). That's why you should use all opportunities to be successful and get decent earnings for your work. One of the easiest ways to reach this goal is to write essays for money.

High incomes are real with online essay writing jobs

You can have two or even three three jobs, travel to different parts of the city, try to keep in mind all the other things you should do, always be stressed out. With such a routine, you have to go to work in any weather conditions (cold, rain, wind). As a result, you are getting so tired that no earned money can bring any pleasure.

We offer you an alternative, more convenient type of additional work which has long become the main one for many people with a creative mind - essay writer job. You will engage in interesting familiar activities while sitting in a cozy home atmosphere in soft comfortable slippers in front of the computer, always having a hot cup of tea by your hand. Essay writer jobs can provide you with all these amenities.

No one knows how to do this work better than you do, because you are well versed in dissertations, control papers, courseworks, and much more. Those of your skills that didn't bring decent earnings at teacher's post can come in handy.

Popularity of essay writing jobs

The quality of higher education has dramatically decreased in recent years. There are more and more universities, as well as people who want to get diplomas, as it is quite hard to get even an entry-level position without a degree. But as a rule, only a few students truly want to study. Others prefer to take a walk, to go on a date, to relax in a nightclub, hang out with friends. Students of this category often seek for a skilled academic essay writer to write assignments for them. Modern technologies in combination with the Internet network allow to do this without leaving home.

Surprisingly, about ten years ago it was hard to imagine that essay writing online jobs can turn into profitable business. None of the entrepreneurs saw this as a source of stable income. However, the development of the market economy and information technologies radically changed the situation and this new profitable direction was formed. Therefore, users of the worldwide network see alluring advertisements of such services on various sites today.

Modern entrepreneurs argue that the income earned on an essay writing job really can provide a comfortable and secure life. As in other types of business, the most important thing is to correctly organize a working process taking into account its key features. The market of such services is not too saturated. From time to time new players appear here, but soon they free up the space and the market capacity remains within the usual limits. The main feature of this business is seasonality. Essay writing jobs from home are especially profitable during the sessions of full-time and part-time students and in spring when young people prepare to write dissertations. If you join the market at this time, with 80% probability you can find a lot of customers and get paid for essays. During the rest of the year and especially in summer, such services are less in demand.

Features of essay writing jobs online

The work can be very diverse. Sometimes you will need to write a simple review after analyzing the relevant literature. This can take from three to five hours. There are also complex tasks that require research work. Level of complexity and the terms of execution will influence the cost of the paper.

The working process has become automated due to modern programs. To edit essays for money, you should have office applications such as Word and Excel, the guidelines with the requirements for content and design of work.

Searching for the content of the paper will not be difficult if you write essays in a field which you know well. Internet can serve as an assistant in any emerging questions. Huge abundance of both free and paid information is at your service: online encyclopedias, websites, libraries, specialized forums, communities, etc.

All collected and systematized information needs to be processed according to the topic and demands of the customer. Re-read it, check the grammar, uniqueness and the work can be sent to a client.

The most difficult are the several first tasks when you just start to work for essay writing service. Then the workflow becomes less time consuming, acquires a clear algorithm. Eventually you will have your own database of necessary information and essays, which will significantly reduce time spending in the future.

Who can become an author?

You can choose the types of papers which you know best:

  • Assignment
  • Coursework
  • Essay
  • Report
  • Review
  • Term paper
  • Homework
  • Dissertation
  • Research paper
  • Thesis
  • Admission essay
  • Cover letter
  • Business plan
  • CV
  • Resume

Impressive list, isn't it? Probably, you already want to write essays for cash. We recommend starting with the simplest tasks with a small number of pages required. Over time, you will be able to move on to more complex work and receive higher incomes.

How to become a successful author?

So you already have an idea of what you will do to earn money on the Internet. Now let's consider the character traits, skills and habits which you should have to succeed:

  • First of all, learn how to organize yourself, find the most effective time (some people work better in the morning while others feel a rising level of activity in the evening).
  • At first you will literally force yourself to work. Why? Because college essay editing jobs have a free schedule. This mode relaxes, because no one controls you and there are many distracting factors affecting your performance.
  • You will need to learn how to work at an accelerated pace, within short periods of time. Of course, you won't have six months to write a diploma or a coursework.
  • If you can't type fast, we recommend acquiring this useful skill. This will greatly facilitate your work and increase the speed of tasks execution.
  • One more requirement is a confident usage of office applications (Word, Excel) and search engines. However, now it is difficult to find people who would not be familiar with these simple tools. Even retirees and children work with them masterfully.
  • It will be necessary to deal with a huge amount of information, analyze, process and apply it correctly. It takes a lot of time, energy and sometimes nerves. You should be patient and able to bring the task to the end.
  • Put up with the fact that not all customers will consider your work as perfect. Be ready to fix mistakes, change something on the demand of customers. Some teachers make corrections even to the most qualitative essays just to show that papers were checked. Students ask the authors to make edits. Take it easy.
  • It is also important to comply with the deadlines.

Delays and low quality of work will adversely affect your rating and reviews. Poor performance may threaten you with a loss of reputation and, in some cases, falling into the black list. The requirements above seem complicated only at first sight. Over time, you will become an experienced author and will easily fulfill all standards. The starting steps are sometimes difficult, but the help of an attentive mentor always helps to pass this stage successfully.

Helpful tips for effective freelance work

In many aspects success depends on a proper organization of the labor process. Freelance author should create suitable conditions for work. Several tips mentioned below will help to cope with this task.

What factors can be called distractive?

There are external and internal distractive factors. External influences are questions and requests from relatives, calls, messages or visits of friends, attention-demanding pets, technical failures, etc. Internal factors: lack of self-discipline, checking notifications in social networks, turned on TV, constant e-mail checks, "far-off thoughts", frequent snacks, etc.

How to get rid of distractive factors?

You can minimize the impact of internal factors with the development of self-discipline because they all directly depend on us. The most effective tool is to plan a list of tasks for each day. Being distracted by extraneous matters, you will have to extend the working hours until the work is done. As for external influences, first you need to realize that freelance job is the same activity as office work. Then you must convince your relatives and friends of this. Be persistent when your intentions will be tested for strength. Say the following: "I work from 9:00 to 18:00. Please do not disturb me unless there are unforeseen circumstances".

You have to understand that you should not react to an insignificant request of your spouse to bring a sandwich or whims of your children. Explain to your mother that you do not have time to discuss the last episode of her beloved series. Do the same with friends in social networks and anyone who tries to reach you by phone. Tell them that you can't chit-chat, you have work to do. If there are any children at home, you can hire a nanny or ask their grandparents to take care of them for at least 3-4 hours a day.

We can't predict the problems and failures of the equipment. For such cases, you should have the phone number of a technical support and know where to find a nearest internet cafe.

How to motivate yourself when no one controls you?

As known from the theory of management, the motivation may be external and internal. In first case, everything is more or less clear: it may be a strict boss, tough plans, bonuses, awards, fear of dismissal, etc. Such levers for managing work capacity are beyond us. What to do when you are a boss and an employee at the same time? How to motivate yourself? Ask yourself “Why did I start to go this path?” to maintain the inner motivation in an active state. This question often helps to take a fresh look at your work when you seem to be losing interest to it.

What bonuses does this job give in comparison with wage labor in the employer's territory? Why did you stop on the way? What do you want to achieve? What immediate and long-term consequences may happen if you allow yourself to relax now?

A simpler option to raise your work capacity is to come up with personal a incentive. Encourage yourself in a successful work by something tasty and pleasant, go to a cinema or take a walk in a park. A good schedule of work and leisure is a secret of high productivity and perfect mood.

How to organize a workplace?

Ideally, you need to devote a separate room to office needs to avoid mixing up work and personal life. If there is no such opportunity, it is necessary to divide the space into zones and arrange a working spot. It should meet the following requirements: to be solitary, to create the working mood, to provide comfortable conditions (light, sound, quick and easy access to equipment, tools and materials) and to be as far as possible from the bedroom. The latter will save you from frequent looks at your bed and cravings to take a nap. Not only this will contribute to an undistracted workflow, but also will benefit your night sleep.

What is the best way to rest during the day? When to take breaks?

Freelance author job is very convenient because there is no need to work for 8-12 hours in a row. Scientists have proved high efficiency of work with short regular breaks. To make the favorite activity bring joy and not deprive you of the last energy, divide the daily norm of work into technologically justified stages. Having finished one of them you can rest, take a walk, eat and communicate with relatives or friends. For example, you wrote an essay or one chapter of the coursework. Drink a cup of tea, do some light gymnastics. Then it will be much easier for you to proceed to the next stage of your work.

How to "switch" after a working day is over?

Take a walk in the fresh air at the end of the working day to switch from a business mood to a relaxed state of mind. Or come up with a ritual action that will serve as a tumbler for a transition to the rest regime. This can be dancing, yoga, listening to music, meditation, etc. Choose what is best for you. Sometimes you need to force yourself to relax so that the work does not stretch for 24 hours. This especially concerns hardworking and enthusiastic people.

How to prioritize, to make task lists so as not to be distracted by trifles and not to forget about any important projects?

It is important to remember about personal time management. If we are talking about freelancing in some agency, the intermediate results and deadlines usually depend on the customers. Therefore it is easier to plan tasks taking into account their priority. Of course, you can do the entire amount of work assigned for a week in the last night before the deadline. But how long can you work in such a tense mode? It's much better to distribute tasks in time and accomplish them consistently. It is useful to sum up the results at the end of each working day: which of the planned tasks were realized, what did not work out and what were the reasons for that. Conducting such an analysis on a regular basis, you will be able to rebuild and improve your work.

Then arrange a list of tasks for tomorrow, link it to the weekly plan and the papers written today. Perform the complex work at productive time. For most of people, it is the morning and afternoon hours.

Once again, it is worth to remember that tasks which were planned but not done in time will not just disappear. You will have to devote other (often non-working) time to complete them. This should be a good incentive for those who need a clear division of personal and professional time. There are people who perceive favorite job as a lifestyle. The structure and plans rather oppress than help them. They prefer spontaneous actions and impromptu, a flexible schedule, including work during holidays and weekends. But a certain level of self-discipline is necessary anyway. Otherwise, there is a risk of permanent "hanging" in one of the states: idleness or workaholism.

How to find customers?

Are you ready to write college essays for money but do not know where to look for orders on the Internet? There are several ways to find your clients.

1. Freelance sites

It’s a common and proven option. There is a huge number of such portals these days. Once you enter a corresponding query in a search engine and a long list of sites will appear on your screen. Almost each site for freelance authors has the same customary sequence: registration, familiarization with the rules, selection and execution of the order, receiving a fee with payment of a certain percentage to the administration of the site.

2. Work for agencies

Many private companies specialize in performance of such tasks. They are in constant need of professional authors and you can try to become one of them. Create a qualitative resume with a description of your previous experience and merits. If you are confident in your abilities, success is guaranteed.

3. Independent search on the Internet

You can promote yourself as an essay writing specialist. In such a case, all the earned money will remain in your purse as you won’t share with anybody. However, this is the most difficult way: it is not that easy to find customers and convince them of the high quality of your work. Many potential customers are afraid to deal with unfamiliar authors because some of them can turn out as scammers: they take money and perform the assigned tasks poorly, or write nothing at all, unwilling to respond or rewrite the task.

Exclusive offer

The safest and most profitable option is to begin the career of the author under the guardianship of a reliable and experienced organization. Our company professionally provides educational services to pupils, students, undergraduates, applicants for academic degrees. Our employees are purposeful people who write custom-built papers and get paid to edit essays.

We are proud of our valuable staff: teachers of universities and schools, postgraduates, professors who not only get decent earnings, but also increase their qualification and self-esteem. Agree, it inspires very much when your efforts are estimated appropriately.

You too can try your hand at this promising form of earning. Don't worry too much and don't ask "Will it work out?" It will! Everyone who wants to earn and have at least a little free time finds a way to write the essays successfully. You will forget what it is like not to have enough money in your wallet, to count the coins and notes nervously before any purchase. In our company you will earn as much as you want, because we provide all diligent authors with constant workload and stable high earnings.

We can offer you the following:

  • Guaranteed and stable income. You do not have to think how to get money from the customer. This is our responsibility.
  • Payment without delay. Once you have completed the work and provided it to the customer, the agreed fee is paid.
  • The ability to have a high income without leaving home.
  • Additional earnings which often become the main ones, because the fees in our company exceed your official salary.
  • Free schedule and workload: you choose the time when it's more comfortable for you to work and number of orders you want to take.
  • Constant work. Online essay editing jobs are available at any time of the year, so you can plan your incomes.
  • Qualified support. This means that senior manager will help you to understand all the peculiarities of work at the beginning of the cooperation with our company.

You are interested in our offer but do not know is it worth trying? Of course, it is! This could be your chance to gain financial freedom and confidence. Try your hand at authoring student papers. Have we convinced you? Then start changing your life today! We will help you realize your boldest dreams and projects. Don't be afraid to become successful! You will thank yourself tomorrow for taking this important step today.


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